Snow Removal in Columbia

CAlogoTREE_colorAs winter approaches, many of you might be wondering who is in charge of removing the snow from your neighborhood and the streets and sidewalks that you use on a daily basis. With the next snowstorm just around the corner, let me take this time to let you know how Columbia Association (CA) and the Howard County government handle snow removal in our area.

CA’s Open Space Division clears snow found on the pathways, footbridges, overpasses and underpasses, and areas around the lakes and tot lots owned by CA in the community. CA also removes snow around the buildings and property managed by the village community associations. CA does not remove any snow from residential sidewalks.

The Howard County Department of Public Works (HCDPW) is responsible for clearing public streets and highways in the county. Property owners and renters who live on private roads are responsible for clearing their own streets and sidewalks if they are not taken care of by a homeowners or condo association. If you’re not sure whether you live on a private road, call the Howard County Real Estate Division at 410-313-2330.

You can track real time progress of snowplows during a storm. Learn more about snow removal in Howard County and how to track snowplow progress by visiting and clicking on the Bureau of Highways.

Through a partnership with the Howard County Public School System, CA makes clearing pathways that lead to elementary and middle schools a priority following a snowstorm on school days.

The HCDPW has partnerships with CA, the Howard County Public School System and the Howard County Department of Recreation and Parks to ensure that bus stops in the county are as clear as possible.

Each year, CA and the HCDPW work hard to make the streets and pathways safe for travel.

-Article by Aria White Connor



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2 responses to “Snow Removal in Columbia

  1. jessamined

    Reblogged this on Hickory Ridge Village and commented:
    Helpful information about who bears responsibility for snow removal in Columbia.

  2. Trevor

    How do we find out about a pathway that is not cleared? The one behind our house that our kids and a lot of others use to get to school was not cleared after the last snowfall. I’m pretty sure it’s on CA land, but it doesn’t show up on the pathways map.

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