CA’s Citizens Academy Graduates Its First Class


Excite Columbia now has alumni! The fall 2013 class of CA’s citizens academy, Excite Columbia, completed its coursework and graduated in late October.

Excite Columbia is a five-week program, implemented by Columbia Association’s (CA) Communications and Community Engagement Department. The main goal of the program is to educate, inform and give residents an in-depth view on how CA operates and serves the community. Excite Columbia also provides a forum for CA and community members to interact and engage with one another. We would like to offer congratulations to the following graduates of the first class of Excite Columbia:

  • Ilia Baskakov
  • Cherie Beck
  • Roger Chang
  • Robert Chasnow
  • Long Chen
  • Joel Hurewitz
  • Monica Parikh
  • Joann Rodriguez
  • Jean Salkeld
  • Lorraine Seelaus
  • Katharyn Sunderman
  • Sharonlee Vogel

The next session of Excite Columbia will take place in February. If you would like to be placed on the waiting list, please e-mail There is a seat in our classroom waiting for you!

-Article by Erin McPhail


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