Healthy Thanksgiving Tips

So, how do you enjoy your Thanksgiving meal without worrying about overeating? Here, Columbia Association (CA) Personal Trainer Jennifer Medillin offers four great tips to keep in mind during Thanksgiving.

1. Consider healthier food choices and exercise portion control. These are the main components to anyone’s physical fitness and health. The better choices of food we make, the easier it is to maintain/lose weight. For example, during your Thanksgiving feast, it’s better to eat a small baked sweet potato than candied yams or a casserole. Also, you should recognize the difference between portions and servings. A “portion” is what you choose to serve yourself. A “serving” is what is recommended for consumption. The key is to think small. You want to enjoy the meal and company without the food coma the usually follows.

2. Eat multiple smaller meals rather than one large meal. You can still make your big plate of food, as usual. However, consider breaking it into several smaller plates that you can eat throughout the day — let’s say about every two to four hours. Doing this keeps you fed without overstuffing yourself. It also keeps your metabolism going by your body breaking down those smaller meals, and you still get to eat the foods you like.

3. Drink water. When you drink water before, during and after meals, you have that feeling of being full and you don’t mistake thirst for hunger.

4. Do a pre-meal exercise. Let’s be realistic. Once the food is set out and the family arrives, most of us won’t even think about exercise. It is best to do exercise before the meal, unless you are really disciplined or hardcore.

 The key to surviving the holidays is to keep moving. Shoot for a minimum of 30 minutes of activity daily, and remember what your mother always told  you: “Eat your veggies and drink water.”

Jennifer Medillin was a personal trainer for the United States Marine Corps for six years. She currently teaches Zumba® for CA.

-Article by Keithan Samuels


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