What Are You Thankful For?

To celebrate Thanksgiving this month, we reached out to our community on Facebook and to Columbia Association (CA) team members to learn what they are thankful for. Here are some of their responses:

Community members (via Facebook)

Danielle Sweeney: I am thankful for surviving breast cancer, being cancer free for nine years and being blessed with a supportive family.

Julia Jackson McCready: I’m thankful for my wonderful husband and children, for my Oakland Mills village community and for the friendship of local Howard County Bloggers.

Bobbi James: I am thankful to be raising my son in Columbia in a climate of diversity and culture.

Troybookofkings Redd: MY Relationship with GOD and LIFE – 🙂

Kathryn A. Marshall: Good friends and neighbors.

Pamela Winter: That I grew up in Columbia- the greatest place on earth.

CA team members

Liz Henzey, Columbia Art Center: I am thankful for having had the most wonderful parents — Bill and Dorothy — who taught me to live with integrity and demonstrate kindness.

Erin McPhail, Communications Department: I am thankful for life, my health, family and friends!

Shanice Wise, Membership Service Center: I am thankful for God’s many blessings. I’m thankful [for] my family’s health, wonderful friends, and being part of a growing community.

Janet Loughran, Office of the President: I’m thankful that my grandchildren, especially my granddaughters, can go to school without fear of reprisal. I’m thankful for all my friends at CA!


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