Columbia Association Offers Relief to Customers Affected by Government Furlough

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In an effort to assist members and customers affected by the recent government shutdown, Columbia Association (CA) is offering assistance to furloughed government employees.

For CA members who have their monthly membership dues automatically deducted from their accounts, CA will reduce October’s payment to $25, to be withdrawn Oct. 18. Requests must be received by CA on or before Oct. 11. Should the shutdown continue, we will re-evaluate for the November and December payments.

For participants in the School Age Services program, we will waive the two-week withdrawal notice and the re-enrollment fee, and hold your child’s space. Requests will be made effective on the date they are received by CA.

To take advantage of this assistance, please submit official documentation of your furlough status and a written request in person, via email to or by mail to Columbia Association, 10221 Wincopin Circle, Columbia MD 20144.



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5 responses to “Columbia Association Offers Relief to Customers Affected by Government Furlough

  1. Joel Roth

    This doesn’t make sense as gov employees will recieve back pay.

  2. Only employees who work directly for the government will be receiving back pay. Contractors for the Federal government will not be receiving any back pay at all.

  3. furloughed employee

    Actually, the decision to give backpay is stuck in the Senate right now, because some members of the Senate don’t want to give backpay. Therefore, backpay is not a sure thing at this point.

  4. another furloughed employee

    You also have to provide official documentation of furlough status. I didn’t receive anything in writing and I am not allowed to log into my computer to get anything. So I don’t think many people will be getting this relief.

  5. Suzanne Thomas

    This is a nice offer, but I too did not sign an agreement when the government shut down like I did this summer when we were furloughed to sequestration. And we still don’t know if we’re getting any back pay.

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