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We love to hear from you. Join us on Facebook for an ongoing conversation. Last month, we asked the community what they love about Columbia. Check out some of our top responses below. (Responses are recorded as is)

Fill in the blank: I love Columbia because _____.

Kelly Butler Coe: It’s full of people who care deeply about their community, and it’s a convenient place to live — everything you need is close!

Aleana Jones: It’s a beautiful place to live & fellowship. This city really feels like family and always has something fun, interesting, or different to offer to everyone of every race, background and age! Thank you CA for keeping the community together.

Peter Axelrod: Columbia is a “social experiment” that “keeps going.”

Alejandro Arroyo: It’s the best place to live, and the school system is great!

Kristen Litkowski Coombs: It’s a pretty environment that offers a wealth of activities for all ages.

Julia Jackson McCready: …of some truly amazing people who are willing to work to make great things happen. Awesome, even.

Febie Robb: It offers a lot to the community and students and the staff are very caring. It’s like a family thing, a home away from home.

Alison Cameron: It’s a good place to Live, Work, and Play.

Shawn Dixon: It offers a lot for families and the kids…the schools are awesome!!!! Love how most stores and other popular shops are close by. Columbia to me is convenient!!!!

Kelly Ryan: The camps are awesome.

Anne McCabe: It keeps me young!

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