Construction Set to Begin Soon at Hobbit’s Glen

The big day is approaching soon! Construction for the new Hobbit’s Glen Golf Club Clubhouse will begin in November. The design for the new clubhouse is posted in the current clubhouse at Hobbit’s Glen. Columbia Association (CA) is still working on some of the interior finishes, furniture designs and layout. This will not have any impact on the building’s design. CoHo Grill and the Pro Shop will remain on the same side of the building. CA is looking forward to a brand-new, modernized clubhouse in 2014 that will allow Hobbit’s Glen to host small and large events, outings and more importantly, tournaments!

So what does this mean for golfers now? CA is working on temporary facilities to make everyone comfortable during the time of construction. Pro shop operations will be inside a temporary trailer located at the end of the parking lot near the tennis club. Inside, there will be stock of shirts, shoes, balls, jackets, gloves, and other items very similar to what is currently carried in the Pro Shop now. Want to view a golf game at Hobbit’s? You still can. There will be a limited number of tables and chairs available.

During the months of November 2013 through March 2014, Hobbit’s Glen will offer snacks and drinks out of the pro shop trailer. On warmer and busier days during the winter, there will be a snack and beverage cart on the course.

Construction of the turn house is also scheduled to begin sometime in November, and should be completed in approximately four months, depending on weather. Once the turn house is complete, the snack bar operations will move to that location. Outings and tournaments will be hosted under a beautiful new tent that will stand next to the turn house. Golf carts will be stored at the maintenance facility. Because of their temporary location, it will require more coordination and time for bringing golf carts up in the morning, so please be patient with us! Lastly, there will be a final farewell party to the old clubhouse in mid to late October. CA is looking forward to the future of the new and improved clubhouse! Still need some more information on the construction at Hobbit’s Glen? No problem, you can stay updated with the latest news and updates at

-Article by Erin McPhail


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