Doing the Laundry and Saving Money

CA Logo 4Columbia Association (CA) is working on a project at the Supreme Sports Club that will replace several of the air-conditioning units with new, high-efficiency models to save energy, improve reliability and reduce operating costs. In addition to being very efficient mechanically, the new equipment includes a heat recovery system linked to the hot water supply that is now preheating the water that is used for laundry and showers at the facility.

Instead of simply transferring the heat from inside the building to the outdoors, this new system puts that heat to good use. By preheating the water, the facility significantly reduces the amount of natural gas consumed by its boilers — especially considering that dozens of loads of laundry are run every day at the Supreme Sports Club.

CA will be conserving energy and reducing operating costs associated with doing the laundry as a result of this project, and Columbia residents also can take important steps to be more energy-efficient and water-efficient when performing this household chore.

Incentives available through the BGE Smart Energy Savers Program can help consumers make a smart choice when purchasing their next washing machine. From jeans to gym shorts, an ENERGY STAR certified washing machine sloshes out stains without draining your wallet. Because they use about 20 percent less energy and 35 percent less water, ENERGY STAR certified models can save up to $315 in operating costs over their lifetimes. These washers also extract more water during spin cycles, reducing drying times and fabric wear and tear. Get yours now and save $50 with a rebate.

For more information on how you can help improve the sustainability of our community and save money at the same time, visit

-Article by Jeremy Scharfenberg


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