CA Working on Watershed Projects in Owen Brown and Oakland Mills


Work at Homespun Pond in the village of Owen Brown and at Patriot Lane Pond in the village of Oakland Mills began in June and will continue throughout the summer, with dredging and other improvements expected to continue until about the end of September.

Patriot Lane Pond will have a new spillway and a weir structure installed at a different spot — an area where water has tended to overflow during rainstorms, according to Rob Plummer, project manager for Columbia Association (CA). A bridge will be placed over the spillway.

Three to five feet of sediment has been removed from the pond. A new forebay within the pond will capture sediment coming downstream and should mean that the pond will not need to be dredged as often. This will also mean better water quality for fish and wildlife, Plummer said, and a cleaner pond for people visiting via CA’s pathway system.

At Homespun, work will replace structures that have reached the end of their lifespan and will bring them in line with state regulations. The pond is also being dredged. Its dock will be extended, and a “safety bench,” or “safety ledge,” will be installed around the perimeter. This is intended to make the pond safer by keeping those who might walk along the edge of the water from slipping.

Both projects were competitively bid, with the contract awarded to Rockville-based Apex Companies LLC. The cost for the work at Patriot Lane Pond is budgeted at $322,000, while the budget for Homespun Pond is $362,000.

-Article by David Greisman


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