Slow the Flow With a Rain Garden

Photo by Duane St. Clair/Hoco Connect

Installing rain gardens helps to slow the flow of stormwater runoff, reducing the amount of pollution from reaching streams, lakes, ponds and oceans. These are just one of the ways that Columbia Association (CA) is protecting and restoring Columbia’s watersheds, and it’s something residents can do on their own land, as well.

A rain garden involves strategically planting and placing a combination of plants and river rocks to filter water and slowly release it into the ground. While there are several rain gardens in Columbia’s open spaces installed by CA, it is also important for Columbia residents to get involved by having rain gardens on their property. To assist in this effort, CA has established its Rain Garden Cost Share Program.

Using a grant funded by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, CA will pay 75 percent of the installation cost of a rain garden for interested residents in the villages of Owen Brown, Long Reach and Wilde Lake.

Duane St. Clair, a local blogger ( and resident of Owen Brown, recently had a rain garden installed through CA’s Rain Garden Cost Share Program. St. Clair said he had the garden installed “to enhance the beauty of my yard and help with a drainage problem after thunderstorms.”

“The problem starts with us. Our lawns contribute to the pollution of our lakes and the Chesapeake Bay,” he said. He added that the process of getting the garden installed was easy. “I have mentioned [rain garden installation] to many people directly and through my blog.”

To learn more about how to participate in the CA Rain Garden Cost Share Program, visit

– Article by Aria White Connor



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2 responses to “Slow the Flow With a Rain Garden

  1. ACP

    I tried to contact the email address listed in the Program document, and it bounced back telling me that email address did not exist. Is there updated contact information for residents interested in this program? Thanks.

  2. David Greisman


    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’ve put in a request to get the email address corrected: please contact John McCoy by emailing him at


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