PHOTO ALBUM: Creativity and Talent Were on Display at This Year’s Umbrella Art Exhibit


No art experience was necessary for those who entered this contest. All they needed was a large golf umbrella (which was supplied to them) and an original idea that demonstrated the concept of this year’s theme of “Respect” — either the concept of respect in general, or respect for something specific such as the planet, the environment, other people or animals.

Their 44 imaginative entries were displayed on June 21 for Columbia Art Center’s Annual Umbrella Exhibit, which was held at the Downtown Columbia Lakefront as part of Columbia’s 46th Birthday Party.


One winning entry — Jacob Thompson, who took 1st place among adults — implored people to respect their stomachs. He showed talking food, including asparagus stalks, a strawberry and bread, plus a candy bar that recommended that people “avoid me like the plague.”


Parents-and-child entries, youth group efforts and adult collaborations were also welcome. A panel of jurors  selected winners in seven groups: ages 6-9, ages 10-13, ages 14-17, adults 18 and over, best parent and child, best youth group effort and best adult group effort. In addition to the jurors’ awards, there were viewers’ choice awards for the best entries in each category.

The winners:
Ages 6-9: Juror Award Winner & Viewer Voting Winner – Isha Punjabi
Ages 10-13: Juror Award Winner & Viewer Voting Winner – Kailey Ramsing
Ages 14-17: Juror Award Winner – Jillian Hagerty
Ages 14-17: Viewer Voting Winner – Sonia Punjabi
Adult (18+): Juror Award Winner & Viewer Voting Winner – Jacob Thompson
Adult Group: Juror Award Winner & Viewer Voting Winner – Taylor Procida, Robert Procida, and Drew Needham
Parent/Child: Juror Award Winner – Kay Weeks Family
Parent/Child: Viewer Voting Winner – Carolyn and Daria Parsa
Youth Group: Juror Award Winner – School Age Services Group #15
Youth Group: Viewer Voting Winner – Helen Kuo, Ashley Rous, Jinia Sarker, and Allaynna Rice

Check out more photos from this year’s Umbrella Art Exhibit art contest below.

And in the comments section, please let us know about something relating to Columbia that you respect.

IMG_5961 IMG_5963 IMG_5967 IMG_5969 IMG_5972



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2 responses to “PHOTO ALBUM: Creativity and Talent Were on Display at This Year’s Umbrella Art Exhibit

  1. We were honored to be among these wonderful entries. At the heart of it, the not-quite-five-year-old Ariella Parsons-Weeks was the inspiration with her adorable painting of a mermaid with a smile. Love is respect–generational respect, in this instance, among all who participated in this project.

    Kay Weeks

  2. joyce bell

    I respect all the people at Columbia Art Centerted who work exceptionally hard and are pleasent.

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