Volunteers Gather 271 Bags of Trash From Columbia’s Open Spaces In Just a Few Hours

photo (27)

In just three hours on one spring morning, sections of Columbia’s beloved open spaces and natural areas were suddenly much cleaner.

That’s because a total of 238 volunteers in 10 villages took part in this year’s Columbia-Wide Cleanup Day, gathering a combined total of 271 bags of trash, as well as some other unusual items. Those items included a bookshelf, several tires, pipes, two shopping carts, two metal signs, a couch, a tent, a bed and 120 beer cans.

“We are really pleased with the turnout this year. It seems that each year we have new community members and groups joining our spring cleanup event,” said Sean Harbaugh, assistant director of Columbia Association’s (CA) Open Space Management Division. “CA staff work throughout the year to maintain Columbia’s open spaces, and volunteer efforts like this help to keep them clean.”

The April 13 event marked the fifth year that volunteers were invited to join together and pick up litter that had accumulated in Columbia’s open spaces.

“It would be great if we didn’t have a need to clean up the trash from our open spaces,” Harbaugh said. “We are fortunate to have a caring community, and people can continue to show that they care by being mindful of our environment and not littering.”


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