Work on New Hobbit’s Glen Golf Club Clubhouse Expected to Begin This Fall

Columbia Association (CA) expects that work on a new clubhouse at its Hobbit’s Glen Golf Club in Harper’s Choice will begin this fall and will wrap up 12 months later. The estimated start for demolition and construction is October 2013, with the project expected to finish in October 2014.

The project would then bring a first-class clubhouse to go with this first-class golf course, as part of CA’s ongoing effort to continue to maintain and improve all of its facilities to meet the needs of the community. A new turn house will also be built.

The CoHo Grill remains open to all — not just to golfers — until construction begins. The restaurant will then return once the new clubhouse opens.

During construction at the golf club’s clubhouse, the pro shop operation and snack bar will be in a trailer at the end of the parking lot near the tennis courts. Once the turn house is completed, the snack bar will then move to that building. Also during construction, carts will be stored at the maintenance facility, outings will be catered by CoHo Grill, and an after-play tent will provide a place for the outings to congregate.

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