Group Fitness Classes for Older Adults Being Offered at CA Facilities

CA Logo 4Keeping older adults active in our community is very important to the Columbia Association (CA). There are several group fitness classes being offered at all three of CA’s fitness facilities to help keep you healthy, fit and moving.

“At Columbia Association, we try to serve the needs of older adults by offering a wide variety of classes and programs to choose from,” says Regional Group Fitness Director Vicki Burns. “We offer basic level and multi-level classes as well as specialized classes for those dealing with issues such as arthritis and osteoporosis. We strive to help older adults become more active at any level.”

Here are several group fitness classes for all ages that you may want to try: BodyVive, Aqua Fitness (both shallow water and deep water), Tai Chi, Qigong, Zumba® Gold, Basic Aerobics, Gentle Yoga and WWO (Women, Weights & Osteoporosis). CA also offers an arthritis exercise class on land and Aqua Arthritis in the therapy pool located at the Columbia Athletic Club.

Group fitness classes do more than just keep you fit; they can also help you make new friends and have fun!

For more information on group fitness classes, visit To learn about other activities for older adults at CA, visit Plus.


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