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What inspires you to live in this community? What ideas do you have to shape the future of Columbia? Share your thoughts, ideas and suggestions on Columbia Association’s (CA) new community engagement site, InspireColumbia.com.

Inspire Columbia is designed to give community members a new way to contribute to the conversation about shaping the future of Columbia. Understanding that residents lead busy lives, CA has developed this platform to allow community members to post ideas, comments and feedback from the comfort of their own homes any time of the day.

Each month, CA team members will post questions to solicit feedback from residents on specific topics, including amenities, programs, facilities and projects related to CA and the Columbia villages. The site is designed to be interactive, so community members can not only add their ideas to a specific topic question, but also comment and rate the ideas of others. CA will monitor the ideas generated and provide feedback to let members know how their ideas are moving forward in the organization.

As an incentive to keep sharing and collaborating, CA has also included a Rewards Store on InspireColumbia.com. The more you share, comment and rate, the more points you earn. Once you earn enough points, you can cash them in for rewards that range from T-shirts to pool passes to umbrellas.

We want to hear your opinions and ideas about how to maintain and enhance our community’s quality of living, on topics such as the environment, cultural offerings, recreational activities, facilities and programs. Help be a part of the solution by joining the conversation.

Signing up is simple, fast and easy. Just visit InspireColumbia.com and set up your log-in information using your email address, Facebook username, LinkedIn username or Google username. From there, just click on a topic question and start contributing your ideas and comments.

This is your community — get inspired and let us know your desires for Columbia! Sign up and start adding your ideas to the mix at InspireColumbia.com.


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