Columbia Association Releases Report on Local Residential and Non-residential Sales Price Trends

How much did home sale prices in Columbia increase between 2000 and 2010? Which village has seen the greatest rise? And where in Columbia are far more homes being sold than any other place in the community?

The answers to these questions, and much more, are contained in “Sales Price Trends, Columbia, Maryland: Residential and Non-Residential Sales, 2000-2010.” This new report from Columbia Association (CA) contains research and analysis on residential and non-residential real estate sales during that decade, examines the trends for each of Columbia’s villages and Town Center, and compares the villages, Columbia and Howard County.

CA undertook this analysis to better understand Columbia’s real estate sales trends and particular home sales trends, given the significant market changes and redevelopment activity that are occurring. The report provides important data that can be used to better understand Columbia and point toward areas where further study, follow-up investigation or action might be warranted.

The complete 62-page report, which includes detailed figures and tables for each village, is available at In keeping with CA’s sustainability efforts, limited paper copies will be made available only upon request.


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