Columbia Association Announces Investments in Clean Technology Infrastructure

Columbia Association (CA) has recently completed two significant projects that support clean technology infrastructure. Clean technology refers generally to a diverse array of products and services that are renewable and/or highly efficient in order to reduce consumption of natural resources and minimize adverse impacts on the environment. In support of this practice, CA completed the installation of a solar photovoltaic (PV) system and three electric vehicle charging stations in the Columbia community.

“Columbia Association is thrilled to be investing in renewable energy generation and clean vehicle technology for our community,” said CA President Phillip Nelson. “Through these actions we further advance our commitment to the sustainability of our facilities and also the infrastructure that supports our community. These are visible projects that also serve to educate and inform the public on these important issues as we celebrate Earth Day.”

The 20-kilowatt PV system installed at Amherst House in Kings Contrivance will generate more than 22,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity annually. The system will increase CA’s on-site renewable energy generating capacity by nearly threefold relative to the existing PV system in River Hill. The installation of on-site renewable energy systems results in a reduction of CA’s carbon footprint, improved resiliency of our infrastructure and lower utility costs.

Three electric vehicle charging stations were obtained through a U.S. Department of Energy program to support clean electric vehicle fleets in the United States. CA installed the electric vehicle charging stations in two of our villages – Harper’s Choice and Owen Brown. These charging stations contribute to the development infrastructure in the community that improves the viability of electric vehicle ownership. Electric vehicles provide a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and local air pollution compared to gasoline or diesel-powered vehicles.

These projects are just two examples of CA’s efforts to advance the sustainability of our community. CA is working in many other ways to reduce its environmental footprint and expects to continue efforts to integrate clean technology in our operations.


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