CA Approves Fiscal Year 2014 Budget

CAPeopleTreeColumbia Association’s (CA) Fiscal Year 2014 budget was approved by CA’s Board of Directors in January.

The total revenues expected in the FY 2014 budget are $1.2 million higher than the FY 2013 budgeted total revenues. The budgeted total operating expenses for FY 2014 are $61 million, which is about $1.3 million higher than FY 2013 budgeted total expenses.

“The approved budget furthers the achievement of the board’s goals for environmental, societal and financial sustainability for the Columbia Association,” says Susan Krabbe, vice president and chief financial officer for CA.

There are many important capital projects included in the budget. The approved FY 2014 capital budget is $13.4 million, and includes projects such as watershed improvements, environmental sustainability, expansion of the Dorsey’s Search meeting room, construction of the Hobbit’s Glen Golf Club clubhouse, and pond renovations in Oakland Mills and Owen Brown, among other amenities and facilities around Columbia.

A copy of the approved FY 2014 budget will be available in April at your local village community center, CA headquarters and some CA facilities. The budget will also be available on CA’s web site,



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