welcomes community Members to Discuss Opportunities and Issues in Columbia

Columbia Association (CA) is pleased to announce the launch of Inspire Columbia — a new, comprehensive community engagement website that can be found at and which offers Columbia residents the opportunity to engage, communicate and collaborate with other residents on projects, issues and opportunities facing this community.

The goal of Inspire Columbia is to get residents involved in the planning process. CA understands that its residents have busy lifestyles that might keep them from being able to attend meetings. This online exchange will allow them another way to participate, providing them with opportunities to share ideas, support others’ ideas, expand upon existing ideas, give feedback on initiatives and collaborate on a variety of topics online, anytime, while sitting in front of their computer.

Inspire Columbia will not only be used to highlight specific projects, but will also be used to engage citizens on important issues such as the future vision of the community, communication planning, customer service, and environmental and transportation issues that can directly affect community members.

“Citizens and business owners of Columbia have a vision about what this community’s future should be,” said Celeste Olinger, CA’s director of communications. “This tool is a convenient way for the community to help Columbia Association prioritize its offerings, while also generating new ideas to expand and/or improve its offerings that are driven by, and for, our community members.”

The site also measures and tracks participation, identifying the most interested residents and the most compelling topics. The website’s tools make it easy for administrators — who are CA staff members — to communicate back with the community, and to deliver measurable results and valuable insights for the future planning process.

Signing up is simple and free. Residents are invited to join in the discussions today, and to let the conversations begin, at


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