CA Supporting Electric Vehicle Infrastructure in Columbia

The Columbia Association (CA) recently formalized its participation in a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) program to support clean electric vehicle fleets in the United States. CA is in the process of installing three electric vehicle charging stations in two of our villages — Harper’s Choice and Owen Brown. These charging stations will contribute to the development of an infrastructure in the community that improves the viability of electric vehicle ownership. Several car manufacturers offer electric vehicle models, and these types of vehicles are expected to become a growing segment of the automotive market.

Why support electric vehicles in our community? The average gasoline-powered vehicle emits about one pound of greenhouse gas emissions for every mile driven. Mobile fuel combustion is a significant share of our overall carbon footprint and associated climate change impacts.

While electric vehicles charged from the grid still have the upstream emissions associated with electricity generation, those emissions are much lower than if the vehicle were burning gasoline to operate. If we are better able to leverage clean electric vehicles in our community, we reduce our contribution to climate change and increase the sustainability of our transportation infrastructure.

The ultimate goal of electric vehicle charging stations is to augment the service with solar photovoltaic electricity generation. Under this scenario, a portion of the electricity that powers the vehicle would be from a renewable source and have no associated greenhouse gas emissions. CA is taking important steps to help foster a clean energy economy in our community.


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