Why I Serve: Interview With CA Board Member Andy Stack

AndrewStackAndy Stack has been living in Columbia for 36 years — 33 in the village of Owen Brown. In that time, Stack has been very involved in the community. When he’s not serving on the board, Stack and his wife spend time enjoying what their village has to offer, be it walking and biking to the East Columbia Library, the Owen Brown Village Center or around Lake Elkhorn.

What is your role with the CA Board and the Owen Brown Village Board?
Stack: I am currently the Owen Brown Columbia Council representative. As such, I am an ex-officio member of the Owen Brown Village Board (which means I don’t have a vote, but I do have all the other duties and responsibilities of a village director), and I am a member of the Columbia Association (CA) Board of Directors (where I do have a vote). For this year, I am the vice-chairman of the CA Board of Directors. I see my role as representing Owen Brown to CA.

What motivates you to serve?
Stack: I enjoy living in Columbia and in Owen Brown. I want to help Owen Brown and Columbia succeed. Serving on the village board allows me to find out what is occurring in the village and surrounding area. When problems occur, the village board is able to get information. Being on the village board means I can influence the direction the village is taking, and I can serve our residents. It is also a great way to hear from people and to meet people.

What issues do you feel are important to Owen Brown?
Stack: Development of the Snowden River Parkway corridor and the widening of Snowden River Parkway; completion of the dredging of Lake Elkhorn and the implementation of watershed improvements to reduce silt flowing into the lake; improving communications with our residents; ensuring that the village is operated in a fiscally responsible manner; adopting a community plan to help guide redevelopment of the Owen Brown Village Center.

How can residents get involved with the board?
Stack: Attend the village board meetings (generally the first and third Tuesdays of each month); read our newsletter and website; [and] tell us your comments/concerns.


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