Becoming An Energy Star

energystarColumbia Association (CA) recently became a formal U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ENERGY STAR® Partner by agreeing to actively monitor our energy consumption, develop and implement an energy management program and work towards reducing the energy consumption of our building portfolio. Such progressive energy management efforts will help reduce CA’s operating costs and environmental footprint as we strive for a more sustainable Columbia.

There are several ways for all Columbia residents and businesses to also become energy stars. The EPA ENERGY STAR Program provides substantial, tried and true best practices and resources to help residents and businesses achieve energy efficiency. Locally, the Baltimore Gas and Electric Company (BGE) offers financial incentives and other services through their Smart Energy Savers Program® to help all residents and businesses become more energy efficient and save money. For residents, the BGE Quick Home Energy Check-up is a free and simple step to improve energy efficiency and reduce your BGE bill. Opportunities for businesses range from incentivized lighting retrofits to detailed engineering analysis for retrocommissioning.

For information on how to save money and energy by participating in these programs please visit or


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