Symphony Woods Proposal, Creating Columbia Exhibit and more: This Week@CA, Feb. 4, 2013

This Week@CA is your source for weekly updates on what’s happening at the Columbia Association. On this week’s episode, we spotlight the Creating Columbia exhibit and other offerings at the Columbia Archives.

We also cover:

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One response to “Symphony Woods Proposal, Creating Columbia Exhibit and more: This Week@CA, Feb. 4, 2013

  1. Dorothy Friedman

    Although the proposal is intriguing, I believe it goes overboard. It comes too close to “Disneyland”. When planning for Symphony Woods began, the idea of making it similar to a theme park found in Scandinavia.

    My concerns focus on the following:
    1) The large parking garage that appears to go against a walkable downtown. Parking belongs acoss Little Patuxent Parkway, in the mall area.
    2) Restaurants should not be part of the proposal, beyond Toby’s Dinner Theater. Symphony Woods has been compared to New York’s Central Park. There have been plenty of attempts of commercial uses such as restaurants to invade Central Park. For the most part these have been resisted. Symphony Woods should not house restaurants. Reastaurants belong on the mall side.
    3) Leveled walkways are a bad idea. This has been already tried in Columbia over Little Patuxent Parkway and over Harpers Farm Road.
    They are expensive, especially if they are to be Handicapped Accessible.
    4) Treehouses evoke thoughts of Disneyland and Swiss Family Robinson.

    The proposal has its good points which include:
    1) The sculpture garden I have suggested that the Sculpture Garden in Loveland. Colorado be looked at as a model that does not evoke Disneyland.
    2) Childrens Theater is a good idea/ So is an Art Center.
    3) The Fountain should be constructed as an outdoor focus.
    I am ambivalent on wheather the Columbia Association make their head
    quarters in Symphony Woods. I just do not want to see the Woods turned into a Traffic Generator.
    I don’t want to see the proposal pursued without sufficient forethought. As much forethought as was given tto the planning for downtown Columbia.

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