Why I Serve: Health and Fitness Advisory Committee Member Cathy Weiss

CAPeopleTreeCathy Weiss has been a Columbia resident and Columbia Association (CA) member for 26 years. She is a member of CA’s Health and Fitness Advisory Committee (HFAC), which informs and advises CA on policies and programs concerning the operation of — and suggested improvements to — CA’s fitness facility activities. In her spare time, she and her husband enjoy activities such as tennis, golf, racquetball and group exercise programs.

What inspired you to join the HFAC?
“I believe it was about 16 years ago, when both my children were in elementary school and before the Columbia Gym was operational, that I saw a flyer at the Columbia Athletic Club inviting members to join. As a frequent user of the facilities, I was curious as to how certain decisions were made with regards to programming and purchases of cardiovascular equipment. I recall meeting the CA staff who were professional and responsive to members’ concerns, and remain so to this day.”

What’s your role on the committee?
“My current role on the committee is to serve as the “eyes and ears” of the CA members and bring forward any issues or concerns to CA staff. Such issues may range from distribution of towels, to the types of fitness equipment purchased, as well as scheduling a full range of exercise classes that meet the diverse interests of the CA members.”

Why is the HFAC important to Columbia?
“The committee serves as the vehicle through which issues raised by CA members may be addressed, as well as for consideration of new programs and state-of-the-art equipment. Columbia is a diverse community and the comprehensive range of health and fitness programs and activities offered certainly reflect such a variety of interests and needs of the Columbia community. During the years I have served on the committee, I have witnessed how each fitness club has evolved with a range of opportunities for the very youngest to the older adult community.”

What are you and the committee hoping to accomplish in 2013?
“The committee is hoping to continue to build upon some of the environmentally-friendly approaches to health fitness.”

How can Columbia residents get involved with the committee?
“The best way for Columbia residents who are CA members and who are interested in getting involved with the Health and Fitness Advisory Committee is to contact Bob Bellamy, director of Sports and Fitness at Bob.Bellamy@ColumbiaAssociation.org or 410-715-3122.”


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