New Supreme Sports Club Youth Arena: NOW OPEN!

CA Logo 4Supreme Sports Club’s new Youth Arena will allow the KidSpace program to expand its program offerings. With more and more kids attending KidSpace, additional space was needed to accommodate the programs already being offered and to allow space for new programs.

Bunny Egerton, general manager for Youth Services said, “The number of children participating in KidSpace has grown consistently over the past few years: a large portion of this growth is in the ‘older’ age group.”

The new arena provides space for programs that were full. Supreme Sports Club’s KidSpace Manager, Vanessa Braswell, is very excited about the new Youth Arena, and said, “This new expanded space will allow for more children to be accommodated with a better variety of activities. The space was especially designed to compel children ages 8 to 12 to come to the gym, be active and enjoy new programming.”

“I am very excited about the opportunities for programming that this space allows,” Egerton said. “We can begin to develop fitness classes for children, we can expand the number of children we can accept in existing classes (such as Zumba®); we can partner with the gym to offer children’s classes that coincide with the adult classes (such as Yoga). I think the biggest benefit is that we can provide some great activities for middle school-aged children – those children who are too young to utilize the gym alone, too young to stay home alone while their parents are at the gym, and too old to be in KidSpace.”

The new Youth Arena gives youth the opportunity to participate in group fitness activities with their peers, rather than sitting at home in front of a TV or a computer screen.

KidSpace is a safe place for kids to participate in numerous fun activities while their parents workout! There is an additional fee to add KidSpace to your membership. To learn more about KidSpace programs, visit or call the KidSpace at the fitness facility that you attend.

— Written by Mary Weeks


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