Aquatics Feasibility Studies Update

Layout 1In September, the Columbia Association (CA) began two aquatics feasibility studies as directed by the CA Aquatics Master Plan. One study explores the possibility of removing SplashDown when it is no longer viable to operate and replacing it with a new, family-friendly amenity. The other study looks into converting an existing outdoor pool site into a year-round indoor pool, since the master plan process discovered high demand for more indoor options. Dasher Green, Jeffers Hill, Locust Park and Talbott Springs are the four existing outdoor pools still in the running to become the possible conversion site.

Layout 1Both feasibility studies are being conducted by Illinois-based consultant Williams Architect/Aquatics, which will make recommendations to the CA Board of Directors in January after sufficient planning and public meetings.

The first of two open houses was held Oct. 24 at the Owen Brown Community Center. It included a presentation of the studies, with updates on current conditions and findings presented at display stations around the perimeter of the room. Displays also had graphics that depicted examples of future possibilities. CA staff and representatives of Williams Architect/Aquatics hosted the meeting to provide a forum for public inquiry and comment.

The second open house was held on Nov. 27 at the Hawthorn Center and focused on more specific options for both projects based on the feedback from the public and from members of CA’s steering committee.

PDF files of the open house displays can be found at

You may e-mail additional comments, questions or suggestions to


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