Lose Big, Win Big

Layout 1Losing a few of those holiday and pre-holiday pounds is at the top of the New Year’s resolution list for a lot of people. Now is the time to become a winner by losing that excess weight with the Columbia Association’s (CA) 2013 Biggest Winner fitness program.

Biggest Winner participants will compete in teams of four, and each team will receive two one-hour sessions with a CA personal trainer. Participants also will receive a weight loss solution journal, and trainers will provide each team with nutritional advice along the way. At the end of the competition, prizes will be awarded to the individual and the team with the best percentage of weight loss.

There also will be a Bod Pod Challenge taking place during which participants will take Bod Pod metabolic and body composition tests before and after the competition. Contrast between these tests shows body change in terms of pounds of fat lost and pounds of lean mass (muscle) gained, which provides participants with a detailed and accurate body analysis. Prizes will be given to participants with the greatest decrease in percentage of body fat.

CAPeopleTree“Participants can join the Biggest Winner and get their New Year started by getting healthier!” said Sam Yurko, assistant general manager of personal training at CA. “I want to encourage participants to let our Biggest Winner trainers and your Biggest Winner team provide you with the education, motivation and confidence to help you reach your weight loss goals.”

Registration for the program is available at all three CA fitness facilities, starting now. Kick-off will be held at the Columbia Gym on Saturday, Jan. 5, from 11am–1:30pm. Training for all teams will begin the week of Jan. 7, and teams will have the opportunity to train at any of the three fitness facilities. The program lasts eight weeks and will culminate in a success celebration on March 9 at Supreme Sports Club, from 11am–1pm.

The program will cost $349 for Package Plan Plus members, $369 for Package Plan members, $499 for CA Resident Non-Members and $519 for Non-Members. For more information, visit ColumbiaFitness.org.



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5 responses to “Lose Big, Win Big

  1. Steve Mendelsohn

    Hi – link to ColumbiaAssociation.org/PersonalTraining did not work. Also, the two 0ne-hour per team PT sessions are each week for 8 weeks, right?

  2. Aria White Connor

    I fixed the link. Also, participants receive two, one-hour personal training sessions per week for eight weeks.

  3. Steve

    Thanks, Aria! Hope to see you at the kickoff at CG!

  4. rdonoghue

    So, I’m not interested in the contest itself, but I’ve been considering getting a Bodpod measurement. Is there going to be any option for just doing that?

  5. Sam Yurko

    Good question. If an individual is just interested in getting a Bod Pod test, the testing date on Sunday,January 6th from 8-1 PM is also open for non-Biggest Winner testers. Each appt is 10 minutes.
    The price is $55 for 1 test or $100 for two tests (the 2nd test to be conducted at a future Bod Pod visit.) Contact the Columbia Gym at 410-531-0800 to register and reserve your timeslot.

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