Lake Elkhorn Dredging Update

The Lake Elkhorn dredging project is continuing as planned. Workers have successfully removed sediment from the forebay pond and the dock area, and are now into the upper reaches of the main lake body. Since the hydraulic dredge cannot navigate into the northeast end of the lake without the removal of the pedestrian bridge (which was recently restructured), CA has approved the use of mechanical equipment to remove sediment from the narrow channel beyond the pedestrian bridge. This method involves accessing the target area from Dasher Court. CA and the contractor will constantly monitor the access route for pedestrians, and all construction traffic will yield to pedestrians on the paths. For more information on the access area, click here.

The contractor is planning to start preliminary work on developing access on Tuesday, Nov. 27, and the work is estimated to last approximately three weeks. During this time, approximately 400 cubic yards of sediment that has collected in this area during the past two years will be removed.

For more updates on CA’s Lake Elkhorn dredging project and background on CA’s dredging efforts, please visit


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