Specific Options for Replacing SplashDown, Adding a Year-Round Indoor Pool to be Discussed on Nov. 27

Where could a new, year-round indoor pool go in Columbia? What new, family-friendly amenity could replace the SplashDown water slides at the Columbia Swim Center? Columbia Association (CA) is coming closer to having answers to those questions.

CA will be discussing the options and alternatives for both projects on Tuesday, Nov. 27, from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Hawthorn Center (located at 6175 Sunny Spring in Hickory Ridge). These options and alternatives come from two feasibility studies conducted by Illinois-based consultant Williams Architect/Aquatics, representatives of which will be at the meeting. Registration is appreciated but not required. Please go to aquatics-study-design-concepts.eventbrite.com to register.

The studies began in September as a result of CA’s aquatics master plan process, which looked into what changes should be made to CA’s aquatics facilities and programming in order to best serve area residents into the future. The initial results of the studies, including current conditions and an analysis of the findings, were discussed at a public meeting in October. Williams Architect/Aquatics subsequently considered feedback it received from the public and members of CA’s steering committee.

Three alternatives for replacing SplashDown (when it is no longer viable to operate) with different amenities will be presented.

Meanwhile, the aquatics master plan process found that there is a sizable demand from swimmers for more indoor pool space. After looking at several locations, the study has focused on three sites (and four options): an indoor pool at Dasher Green in Owen Brown that would be placed adjacent to the existing outdoor pool; an indoor pool at Talbott Springs in Oakland Mills that would replace the current pool site; an indoor pool at Locust Park in Long Reach that would use the existing shell of the current pool site; and an indoor pool at Locust Park that would replace the current pool site.

Williams Architect/Aquatics will ultimately make a recommendation to the CA Board of Directors in January.

For more information on the Aquatics Master Plan, go to ColumbiaAssociation.org/AquaticsMasterPlan.


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