Learn Martial Arts with CA

Have you ever wanted to get your child into martial arts school, but they just weren’t old enough? Well, here at Columbia Association (CA), you can enroll your child as young as 2 years old to learn the basics of martial arts. Most karate schools do not take children until they are 6 to 7 years old, so it is very unique that CA opens this to children so young. CA offers martial arts programming for the entire family. You can sign up your Tiny or Little Dragon, take parent-child classes together, or start from scratch as a beginner.

CA’s Director of Martial Arts John Bannon has more than 25 years of martial arts experience, and has been teaching for 22 years. CA’s martial arts programs are held at the Columbia Gym and Columbia Athletic Club, and have been successful in both youth and adult programs. Studying martial arts can give one strength, grace, physical fitness, and mental tranquility. For kids, martial arts can improve concentration and focus in school, help build confidence and self esteem, and teach respect and discipline. CA offers several different types of martial arts programs such as Chinese Kung Fu, Judo, Aikido and Tae Kwon Do. Unlike most karate schools, there is no long term commitment required with CA’s martial arts programs, and participants can try out a class for free. For a full description on CA’s martial arts programing, call John Bannon at 410-531-8927 or visit ColumbiaMartialArts.org.

Written by Erin McPhail


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