Deposit and Withdraw at the Time Bank

Many of us have tight funds and tight schedules. Great news! Columbia’s Community Exchange Time Bank provides a way for us to make helpful connections and meet basic needs.

How valuable would the exchange of everyday services be to you? Columbia Association (CA) has teamed up with Howard County’s time banking program to provide Columbia residents with a good, old-fashioned bartering program that goes like this: Spend an hour doing something for another time bank member and earn a Time Dollar. Then use your Time Dollar to buy an hour from another member who can provide a service you might need like house sitting, dog walking, tutoring or minor repairs — trades of all types.

Becoming a time bank member is free. Simply attend an orientation session and share your interests, skills and offers. (Please note that this is not an agency and cannot mandate members to provide services.)

Orientations are held the third Monday of every month and by appointment. Contact the office at 410-884-6121 or


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