“CA Land” at the 50+ Expo

On October 19, the Howard County Office on Aging held its 14th annual Howard County 50+ Expo. For all those who are not familiar, the 50+ Expo is a free event offered to the community ages 50 and older, and their families, to gain a wealth of information, entertainment and fun, all geared towards the 50+ population. Columbia Association (CA) supports this event annually, and this year we increased our participation by becoming a platinum sponsor of the event. The result? A stunning CA Exhibition room, or “CA Land”- as we referred to it internally.

There was a vast representation of CA’s programs, memberships and events.  CA also hosted live demonstrations of CA’s Zumba® Gold and land arthritis group fitness classes; a question-and-answer session with a CA personal trainer; membership sign-ups; and free blood pressure, Body Mass Composition ( BMI) and skin cancer screenings. It truly was fantastic to be apart of it!


“Our first goal was to get visitors to CA Land to learn that CA is more than an Annual Charge,” said Valerie Barnard, CA’s Director of Marketing and Sales. “The second goal was to educate them on the many programs and services we offer and provide them with ways to become more involved.  I think we achieved both goals.”

Speaking from one of CA’s representatives at the expo, I agree! There was a constant flow of visitors eager to learn all about CA’s offerings… and to get some freebies as well.



The brains behind CA Land was Megan Monahan, CA’s marketing manager, and Michelle Dunn, event marketing specialist.  These two did a PHENOMENAL job with setting everything up and I was honored to be a part of this committee!

“CA was excited with the outcome of the event. It was exciting to showcase all of our programs and events!” Monahan said. “It’s always nice to see all your hard work play out the way you envisioned it to happen. We were pleased with the impact of the room and are looking forward to sponsoring it again in years to come.”

Throughout the day visitors learned about CA’s Columbia Art Center, Columbia Archives; International Exchange & Multicultural Programs; WINN and NEW U programs; sport & fitness facilities and programs; memberships; Volunteer Center Serving Howard County; and community services programs; plus how they can Connect with CA through our various websites and social media platforms.

We also debuted the new CA Activities for Mature Adults brochure. This brochure is a one stop shop for all of  CA’s programs and services offered to our mature adult population. It provides descriptions and additional information on class, activities, programs and events. Finally, we also offered participants a chance to win a CA gift card if they took our quick survey about CA Land, because it’s always good to get community feedback! We had about 210 surveys completed.

I absolutely love meeting people within the Columbia community and spreading the word about CA, and I met a lot of great residents and members at this expo. Overall, the 50+ expo is such a great event to attend! There’s so much information people can gain and I am happy CA and CA Land was such a big hit at the event.  See ya next year at the 50+ expo!


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