Gorgeous Colors and Weather – Go Enjoy CA Pathways!

As I drive down the streets, I take in the sea of color all around me; the reds, oranges, yellows, browns, greens and even purples. Some trees look like they are on fire, while others look like their leaves are turning to leather.

The colors started to pop and the last hurrah of warm weather (maybe?) hit at the same time. Why just look at the beauty through the windows of my car? It would be so much better to do it during a walk along Columbia Association (CA) pathways. So, that’s just what I did.

The leaves of some trees have already fallen, like the white ash. While others are bright red, like the flowering dogwood tree, and some untouched by fall as of yet, remain green.

When I took a walk around Wilde Lake, I found many people out enjoying the day and a couple photographers as well. I had to smile at the two small children carrying a handful of leaves they had gathered as pretty souvenirs from their walk. This is something I enjoy doing with my son too and I remember doing it as a child as well. I don’t know if I’ll ever outgrow the need to pick up a fallen, spectacularly-colored leaf.

The spring is beautiful and showy with the flowers and the fresh green, but the fall is what really captures me the most. It is brilliant and awe inspiring. Mother nature is putting on one last glorious fireworks display before settling in for the dark, grey winter.

The pathways around CA are a great place to take it all in. During a lunch break or after school is out, grab a friend, bring your camera along and catch the reflection of the trees in one of CAs lakes. Collect leaves to bring home and press. Take your children or grandchildren out and marvel at how differently each type of tree turns colors during the season or maybe take a paddle boat ride on Lake Kittamaqundi. Just get outside and enjoy one of my favorite parts of CA; the great Open Spaces.


Melissa Sinclair works in the Communications & Engagement Division at Columbia Association (CA). Melissa recently moved to Columbia with her three-generation family. She has lived in more than a dozen cities and is looking forward to making Columbia, Md., her permanent home! Click here to read more of Melissa’s Getting to Know CA series.


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