7 Reasons Why Empty Bowls was a Success

Columbia Association’s Keithan Samuels attends for the first time. Read about his experience. 

On Saturday, Oct. 6, the Columbia Art Center hosted its annual Empty Bowls fundraiser, which benefited FISH of Howard County and helped them fight against hunger.

I had the pleasure of attending the fundraiser for the first time. Naturally, I did a lot of observing and interacting. By the time I left the Art Center, I was thoroughly satisfied with the event. Here are my top seven reasons why Empty Bowls was a success:

  1. Great turnout: Nearly 200 people showed up for Empty Bowls! The energy in the building was uplifting. Everyone seemed to be in high spirits and very polite.
  2. Thousands of dollars raised for a good cause: The Art Center raised $4,400, which included ticket sales and silent art auction sales. “We’re very pleased with these numbers and we are very honored and happy to donate these funds to FISH of Howard County,” said Liz Henzey, director of the Art Center.
  3. Raised awareness about FISH: Initially, I didn’t know about FISH of Howard County. But, thanks to Empty Bowls, there were representatives from FISH (identified by name tags) who explained what FISH is to those who were not aware. I learned that FISH is an organization that provides food, financial assistance and other aid to Howard County residents.
  4. Free food: There was a buffet with free appetizers and drinks provided — who doesn’t like free food? Food sponsors included Clyde’s, Eggspectations, Elkridge Furnace Inn, Mimi’s Café, Ms. Desserts, Panera Bread and Three Brothers.
  5. Live entertainment: Local musicians including folk duo Beggar’s Ride, guitarist Timothy Han, and guitarist George Sakkal, provided fine tunes at the main level of The Art Center. The emcee of the evening was former award-winning broadcast journalist Terry Owens.
  6. Studio Demonstrations: On the lower level of the Art Center, there were live studio demonstrations on creating bowls. The demonstrations ranged from making basic bowls to interpretive bowls. It was pretty interesting, in fact I’m really considering taking a ceramics class!
  7. Pretty Empty Bowls: There were about 300 pretty handmade bowls available for attendees to take home. Henzey adds, “The quality of the beautiful handcrafted bowls has really earned quite a reputation in the community.”

Overall, Empty Bowls was a win-win. FISH of Howard County benefited from the proceeds, and attendees got a chance to mingle and take home an empty bowl. “We were thrilled with the response and support from the community,” Henzey said. “More importantly, the cause of this event — helping to fight hunger — really resonates within our community”

Connect with the Columbia Art Center on Facebook.

For more information about FISH, please visit fishowardcounty.com.

By Keithan Samuels


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