Top 10 Ways to Choose Civility in CA Facilities and/or Programs this week!

choose civility

It’s Choose Civility Week here in Howard County, and we’ve got our Top 10 Ways to Choose Civility with Columbia Association (CA) facilities and programs.

10) Sign up for a fitness class but can’t make it? Call the club and have your name removed from the list so people from the wait list get bumped up!

9) Share the lanes when swimming at one of our indoor pools.

8) When you’re working with free weights and other specialized equipment, put them back in place when you are finished with it so others can use them. And when you’re lifting weights, let others ‘work in’ in-between sets.

7) Practice courtesy to others playing. When you’re on the tennis court, make sure the court has finished its point prior to crossing behind the court. And if you’re a little ‘green’ on the greens, allow the group behind you to skip ahead if you are running a little slow.

6) Don’t litter! It’s courteous to the earth and to other CA residents who have invested in and utilize our 3,600 acres of open space.

5) Recycle water bottles when you’re done with them. We have recycling containers in all of our facilities and in selected locations by our lakes and tot lots.

4) Practice civil parking lot behavior, such as cautious driving, being patient with other drivers and not parking in handicapped or hot water therapy pool user spots unless it applies to you.

3) When the gyms are crowded, abide by the 30-minute limit on some of the machines, that way everyone gets a turn! If you still want to workout more, try a different piece of equipment or exercise – cross training is good for you!

Picking up after your pet is choosing civility!
Photo Credit: Chick Rhodehamel

2) When you’re out walking your dog on a pathway, pick up after your pet! Not only is this courteous to others using the pathway, but stormwater could carry the waste, with its harmful bacteria, into our streams and lakes.

1) After you’ve finished another long, hard workout on the bike, elliptical or bench, wipe it down. No one wants to touch sweaty stuff!

Columbia Association supports Choose Civility, an ongoing community-wide initiative, led by Howard County Library System, to position Howard County as a model of civility. The project intends to enhance respect, empathy, consideration and tolerance in Howard County. We invite all within our community, as well as other communities around the nation, to participate. For more information, visit


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One response to “Top 10 Ways to Choose Civility in CA Facilities and/or Programs this week!

  1. Mark Scott

    Very practical and helpful, Kelly! And in this politically heated campaign season, I’m also personally convicted that civility in our social connections, specifically in the arena of social media, could be tempered by kinder tones and word choices. Maybe we could all take some coaching from Thomas Jefferson’s playbook: “I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as a cause for withdrawing from a friend.” I like that. Well done, Kelly. I will wipe down the machines at the gym after I use them tonight. 🙂

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