Another Local Group Working to Slow the Flow

While Columbia Association (CA) has been working diligently to Slow the Flow — and to encourage residents to help keep pollutants in stormwater from entering our watershed — others in the area have also embraced this mission.

The recent issue of Chesapeake Quarterly does a great job of spotlighting a local project called Restoring the Environment and Developing Youth, or READY, which is a partnership of the county government, People Acting Together in Howard and the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay.

Columbia Association is part of READY’s advisory committee. CA’s and READY’s rain garden programs complement each other. While CA works on private property, READY works on institutional property such as interfaith centers and homeowners associations.

The Chesapeake Quarterly article begins with READY installing a large rain garden in the Oakland Mills Village Center, then delves into how rain gardens work and why they are important.

In our urban and suburban environments, rain tends to run off quickly, taking nutrients and pollutants down the drain and eventually into our rivers, lakes and the Chesapeake Bay. Rain gardens act as a buffer, potentially limiting the amount of pollution that enters the watershed — and the amount of dredging that would need to be done locally.

“Once trapped in a rain garden, that stormwater will either evaporate, trickle out into the surrounding ground, or get sucked up my plants,” the article explains. “That, in turn, limits how much water will flood into the Bay with each storm.”

For the full article, click here.


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