Rock Your Jeans Expo Was Great Fun!

Saturday, September 29, from 9am until 1pm, was the very first Rock Your Jeans Expo that was held at the Supreme Sports Club in the arena downstairs.

On one end of the arena, the gym was beautifully set up for the fashion show co-sponsored by Macy’s. This area was separated from the rest of the arena by flowers and screens. There was a catwalk, a professional sound system and each chair in the audience had a flower, program and a bottle of water.

In the remaining three quarters of the arena was the workout space where there were a variety of classes offered. They started the morning with a sampler of classes in 15 minute segments. There was mat Pilates, Zumba® Circuit, Belly Dancing and Hip Hop. All morning long the number of participants poured and then eventually flooded in.
The second class, Tae Bo®, was a full hour. Now this was an exciting class to watch! The instructor, Michelle Willis, was a dynamo and the class was packed. I was impressed with everything with this class. What I especially loved? The ending of the class. Everyone had been working hard, and I mean hard, those 50 minutes, but it ended with people holding hands, urging everyone to give a little more and showing support for one another at the same time. It just felt right for this program to end showing the gentler side when the rest of the class is all about being hard and tough.
Immediately following Tae Bo® was the fashion show. I had no idea the models in the fashion show were CA members and employees. This was a cool fashion show as it celebrated the successes of these fine women and men. It was also a perfect way to jumpstart the Rock Your Jeans event as the models were real women (and one man) who had worked hard to get to where they are today. They had dropped clothing sizes, improved their health and they were celebrating their accomplishments. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much from the fashion show, but I walked away being inspired by these models. Good job ladies and gentleman!

The event wrapped up with an hour-long Zumba® class. This was a perfect, uplifting class to end on.  It was upbeat, fun and accessible to everyone at every fitness level.
Throughout the event there was a business and organization fair being held in an adjoining room. This room was hustling and bustling all morning long. There were people giving massages, handing out health food samples, giving makeovers and sharing information on other CA facilities and local businesses that dealt with wellness.

While this day I was just snapping photos and taking it all in, it did get me excited about the Rock Your Jeans event and it definitely piqued my interest in several classes I haven’t braved before. I hope it inspired many other participants too. And I need to be motivated! I’m one of the participants signed up for the Rock Your Jeans program and my partner is a colleague at CA!

It’s not too late to sign up! Come join me and get in better shape before the holidays hit! Registration for Rock your Jeans is through October 8. Learn more about with this video. You can sign up here or at any of the three fitness facilities.


Melissa Sinclair works in the Communications & Engagement Division at Columbia Association (CA). Melissa recently moved to Columbia with her three-generation family. She has lived in more than a dozen cities and is looking forward to making Columbia, Md., her permanent home! Click here to read more of Melissa’s Getting to Know CA series.


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