Connecting Columbia – From Good to Great

Signage and wayfinding to help you get where you want to go. New pathways and pathway links to connect to more places. And programs to encourage you to use the pathways more frequently for health, recreation and transportation.

You’ll find all this and more in Connecting Columbia, an Active Transportation Action Agenda, which is Columbia Association’s (CA) new blueprint and strategy for expanding the reach of CA’s current 93.5 miles of pathways for bicycling and pedestrian use. The report is now available for review at

The Action Agenda focuses on three main areas:

  • Increasing connections and reducing missing links, including new short pathway segments, as well as longer ones, to connect to key destinations; adding directional signage to make it easier to get from here to there; and working with the Howard County Government as it enhances the safety of pathway intersections with roadways and expands on-street bikeways.
  • Enhancing the design of our pathways, including a new standard width of 10 feet for most pathways.
  • Inspiring and motivating more pedestrians and cyclists to use Columbia’s pathways by improving pathway maps and routing tools; expanding educational campaigns to increase pedestrian and cycling activity; and improving user comfort, security and safety through partnerships with the Howard County Government and other agencies.

The action agenda recommends adding 51.5 miles of new pathways to create a more interconnected pathway system.

  • 11.7 miles (23%) – Columbia Association
  • 38.2 miles (74%) – Howard County Government (includes potential sidewalks and pathways within the road rights-of-way)
  • 1.6 miles – (3%) others

The Action Agenda is an example of planning ahead to address our community’s future infrastructure needs and our changing lifestyles. Cost estimates for these projects are included in the report and can be used for planning and budgeting purposes.

The Action Agenda prioritizes the projects and identifies four pilot/demonstration projects that can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively. These pilot projects will demonstrate key solutions including a pair of directional signage projects – one in east Columbia and one in west Columbia.

Connecting Columbia – investing in our pathways and programs so you can walk…amble…meander…run…jog…hike…stroll…strut and/or bike a bit longer.


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