Columbia Dog Park Update

Columbia Association (CA) has identified a site for Columbia’s first dog park. The site is near the Columbia SportsPark in the Harper’s Choice Village Center and CA will be working closely with the Harper’s Choice Village Board as the planning process gets underway. A Columbia dog park is a much requested amenity by many of the close to 100,000 residents in Columbia.

According to a recent report by the Trust for Public Land, dog parks are growing “exponentially” across the nation. The movement is said to be “the hottest new city park issue to hit America.” The report goes on: “Dogs have always played a big role in city parks, but their traditional position at the end of a lead has been upended by changing mores and a rising enthusiasm among dog owners for much more active play.” The same report says that by communicating and planning carefully, park advocates “should be able to strengthen urban park systems across the board through better design, better space utilization and the acquisition of more land.”

To date, there is only one dog park in Howard County and many dog owners travel to Worthington Park off Hillsborough Road in Ellicott City to enjoy an off-leash park setting for their four-legged friends.

The Harper’s Choice site on the west side of Columbia could complement an eastside county-proposed site at Blandair Park if that project moves ahead.


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