Get Your Family in Shape With Columbia YouthFit

Childhood obesity is becoming a growing problem, and Columbia Association (CA) is trying to work toward a solution with the launch of its new program, Columbia YouthFit. Developed with the help of child care and mental health professionals and pediatricians, the program aims to help families with children between the ages of 10 and 13 become healthier.

“The main reason why families should consider Columbia YouthFit is because the program offers the three key components to overcoming childhood weight problems — nutrition education, physical activity and behavioral changes — for all family members,” said Shawni Paraska, director of community health sustainability for CA.

The program includes informative get-togethers; healthy lifestyle coaching for the kids and for the entire family; physical activities for the children; discounts to community events and health-related businesses that partner with Columbia YouthFit; and full access for the whole family to CA’s facilities, programs and services. Throughout the program, families will work with a team of medical, fitness, nutrition and behavioral health professionals to create a plan to improve their overall wellness.

The eight-week program begins Oct. 3, and sessions are being held at the Columbia Gym on Wednesday evenings from 6:30–8:30 p.m. By signing up for Columbia YouthFit, all family members receive a Package Plan Plus and KidSpace membership for the duration of the program. Cost is $550 for CA member families and $650 for non-CA member families; and when two families join together, each can save $50.

Learn more about Columbia YouthFit at, and register by calling 410-715-3128.

Written by Aria Connor


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