Why I Serve: An Interview With Dorsey’s Search Village Board Member Diane Turner

Diane Turner, a longtime resident and active member of the Columbia community, has been a member of Dorsey’s Search Village Board for eight years. Originally from Massachusetts, Turner and her family have lived in Columbia since 1981. When asked about her experience as a board member, Turner said, “I believe that it is important to give back to the community — especially one as great as Dorsey’s Search. I am a full-time Realtor, and I get to travel to many areas. I am proud of this village, how well it is run, and I’m honored to serve.”

Turner did not originally run for the position. During the time she was volunteering for the Resident Architectural Committee (RAC) for Dorsey’s Search, one of the board members moved out of the area. Turner was asked if she was interested in filling the open position. She was appointed and served the remainder of the term. She enjoyed the experience so much that she is now in her fourth term on the board. “I really enjoy being on the board. I have always loved my village and especially enjoy interacting with the residents, staff and the community officials.”

Serving Dorsey’s Search seems a natural fit for Turner, as she is no stranger to volunteer work. She has worked with numerous organizations on a wide variety of projects. One of the organizations that Turner works with is Moms on Bedrest, a local, nonprofit organization that helps women with high-risk pregnancies. Turner also volunteers for the annual Historic Ellicott City Inc. Decorator Show House.

Turner encourages other residents to become involved in the community. “I attend almost all of the village events, and I, along with other board members, interact with the residents at the events.” Additionally, the village board uses many different means to stay connected with the community, including publishing a monthly newsletter, “The Scroll.”

If you are interested in getting involved and serving the community by running for a leadership position on your village board, elections are held in April each year for open positions. For more information, please visit ColumbiaAssociation.org/Leadership-Opportunities.

By Jessica Zellweger


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