Workin’ On the Dock of the Lake

These crews seen above are in the process of replacing the bell tower boardwalk, the third of four such projects at Lake Kittamaqundi in Downtown Columbia.

Work on this phase began last week and is expected to last about six weeks, weather permitting, according to Daniel D’Amore, Columbia Association’s (CA) director of open space management.

The first section to be completed was down by where paddle boats are now being rented out. Some pilings had badly deteriorated and had to be replaced near to the water level, D’Amore said.

“It was by far the worst section,” he said.

The second section was the “L-shape” that runs parallel from Clyde’s to Sushi Sono. The deck boards were replaced there, though the underpinnings were in pretty good shape.

With the current section, “Some of the pilings need to be addressed, but most of them are in good shape,” said Craig Garrison, an operations manager for CA. “Forty percent of the main beams are being replaced. It’s age. The part we’re working on now is probably 40 years old.”

Coming up next will be the final phase, which is the curved section of the boardwalk that runs along the rock wall. Before that begins, however, there will be work done on the rock wall itself. That project is expected to begin sometime in September.


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