Fitness Facilities’ Summer Shutdown Brings Bob’s Burgers

Very few cars were parked outside, leaving a nearly vacant lot where typically spots can be sparse. Along the curb in front of Columbia Athletic Club, however, was a Majestic RV — there not due to the fitness facility being open, as it wasn’t, but rather because it was closed.

With the gym closed as part of Columbia Association’s (CA) seasonal shutdown — in which work is done at facilities that cannot be done while they are open — CA Director of Sport and Fitness Bob Bellamy and his wife, Barbara, had taken their RV to Harper’s Choice to tailgate for those working inside.

“It’s an appreciation for the people who work so hard,” Bob Bellamy said Saturday afternoon, in-between flipping hamburger, turkey burger and veggie burger patties on his grill.

This is the first year Bellamy has held a cookout for the gyms’ shutdown staff, a few of whom half-joked of their hopes that this would become a tradition. Bellamy’s first tailgate was at the Columbia Gym; later this week, he’ll be at Supreme Sports Club.

“I love it,” said Will Reeder, a supervisor at Columbia Athletic Club, before taking the first big bite of his lunch.


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