After a Complete Meltdown, The Columbia Ice Rink Has Reopened

Summer’s not yet over, but the Columbia Ice Rink reopened for the season — or seasons, really — on Aug. 13. The fall skating session will run through Dec. 21, with public skating sessions once a day on Monday through Thursday, as well as Saturday, and twice a day on Friday and Sunday. A full schedule and pricing information are available at this link.

During the ice rink’s annual shutdown, the ice is melted entirely so as to keep permafrost from building up underneath the floor and potentially damaging both the floor and the rink on which it sits.

“Of course, the best time to do that is in the summertime,” says Rachelle Weisberg, the ice rink’s general manager.

Meanwhile, the rink’s staff takes care of the entire facility, getting on their hands and knees to scrub everything, maintaining equipment and replacing laces and resharpening blades on the more than 650 pairs of ice skates (something also done throughout the year).

Weisberg even takes the instructional hockey program loaner jerseys home with her and washes them herself.

There’s even more that goes on during the annual shutdown. Watch the video above for an inside look, and then come strap on some skates at the Columbia Ice Rink, which is located at 5876 Thunder Hill Road in Oakland Mills.


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