Hanging Out at Art Camp

These figurines aren’t the only ones hanging out at Art Camp. They’ve also been joined by youth between first and eighth grade, who have come to the Columbia Art Center for one of eight separate weeklong sessions this summer at this CA facility, which is located at 6100 Foreland Garth in the Long Reach Village Center.

Two sessions remain at this year’s camp, which is available to CA residents for $245 and non-residents for $285.

The description, via CA’s camps guide: “Art Camp continues to open all avenues of creativity and discovery to everyone while providing a healthy and safe environment. Each week will have a unique theme as art specialists will teach campers to experiment with colors, textures, mediums and performance methods in a variety of different weekly projects.

“The campers will experience visual and performing arts processes, including printmaking, painting, 3-dimensional design, collage, drawing, clay works, puppetry, skit creation and much more as they travel throughout Columbia Art Center from studio to studio being encouraged to explore their imaginations and develop their own style of artistic expression(s).

“Programs include Zumba® dance class and other performance-related activities. Camp includes outdoor recreation time and swimming once a week. There will be a special collaborative camp project or show at the end of each 1-week session. Campers are grouped together by age.”

More information at ColumbiaCamps.org.


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