Free Lawn Tests Mean Cleaner Columbia Lakes

Columbia’s three lakes and 41 ponds play a key role in making our area as attractive as it is. And so while Columbia Association works hard to keep them attractive and healthy, it’s just as important that residents do their part to help.

In particular, people should keep from putting too much phosphorus on their lawns. The chemical, found in lawn fertilizer, can wash away and eventually make its way into lakes, causing weeds and algae to grow and grow and grow.

CA has a free program —Test Your Lawn — in which residents can test their lawns to find out how much phosphorus their lawns need — if any. It is an easy solution that costs nothing and can help prevent a problem now that otherwise could cost us more later. More information can be found here.

CA’s watershed manager, John McCoy, was spotlighted speaking about the program, and the problem, in Columbia Patch. That story can be found at this link.


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