Recycle Used Fishing Line at CA Lakes and Ponds, Help the Environment

True or False:

1) Fishing line takes more than 500 years to break down and decompose.

2) Fishing line is recyclable.

The answer to both is “True.” And it is because fishing line takes so long to decompose that recycling it becomes even more important.

That’s why Columbia Association’s Open Space Management Division has installed fishing line recycling stations at some of our lakes and ponds. Recycling your fishing line, after all, is a sustainable practice that will help keep our lakes and ponds clean, and in turn will help keep our animals healthy.

Every year, Open Space staffers clean up fishing line that has been left in and near our lakes — and they also respond to concerns about wildlife that has become tangled in fishing line.

Please use our recycling stations. They are located at:

  • Homespun Pond, near the fishing dock
  • Jackson Pond, near the boat ramp
  • Lake Elkhorn, at the pavilion
  • Lake Elkhorn, at the dockside parking area
  • Lake Kittamaqundi, at the north end of the boardwalk
  • Wilde Lake, at the parking lot off Hyla Brook Road

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