New Hobbit’s Glen Golf Club Clubhouse to Be Built

The Hobbit’s Glen Golf Club soon will have a first-class clubhouse to go with its first-class golf course! The Columbia Association (CA) Board of Directors recently approved $5.85 million to go toward the complete rebuilding of the Hobbit’s Glen Golf Club Clubhouse and an additional $250,000 to build a new turn house.

According to Acting Chief Operating Officer and CA Vice President Rob Goldman, the CA Board’s decision to approve the new building is part of its ongoing effort to continue to maintain and improve all of CA’s facilities to meet the needs of the community.

H. Chambers Company (the architectural engineering and design firm hired by CA, working alongside the Hobbit’s Glen Golf Club Clubhouse Redevelopment Work Team) has completed the initial design, and engineers are working to hammer out the details. Phase 2 of the rebuilding process, which includes design development and the permit application process, is expected to take place between now and September. The last phase, construction, is expected to take between 10 to 12 months and is projected to wrap up by fall 2014.

For those curious about the finished product, large banners featuring the new design will be displayed in the CA Membership Service Center, as well as Fairway Hills and Hobbit’s Glen Golf Clubs. Learn more about the project at

— Written by Kathy Huver


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