This Year’s Biggest Winner Lost Big!

The 2012 edition of the Columbia Association’s (CA) eight-week Biggest Winner contest was the biggest and most successful one to date. This year, there were 19 teams with a total of 73 participants who lost a cumulative 580 pounds! There were three different winners: one Biggest Winner, one Biggest Winner team and one Bod Pod Challenge winner.

The 2012 Biggest Winner was CA’s Director of the Columbia Art Center, Elizabeth (Liz) Henzey. Liz lost a total of 12.4 percent of her body weight throughout the contest. “Participating in CA’s Biggest Winner program has been the most rewarding journey! I started the year feeling sluggish and out of shape. This program ignited my motivation to want to get healthy and feel better,” says Henzey.

The winning Biggest Winner team this year was Team Black, which was made up of Liz Henzey, Trudy Babchak (also an employee of the Art Center), Barbara Seely and Sam Fisher, with Shirley Callis as their personal trainer. Team Black lost a total of 9.1 percent of their body weight. The Bod Pod Challenge winner was Eileen Skidmore. Eileen lost a very impressive 14.8 percent of her body fat, meaning she increased lean tissue and decreased her body fat.

Congratulations to all of this year’s Biggest Winner participants, and keep up all the good work! If you are interested in personal training with CA, visit

— Written by Erin McPhail


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