Kids Can Enjoy Recess and Get Healthy Results!

Are your kids bored or out of shape? No worries! Try to mix things up by enrolling them in the Recess and Results® program, offered by the Columbia Association (CA) at all three CA fitness facilities. The program is designed to help children stay active and learn about food and nutrition through games and group physical activities. Recess and Results is different from other organized sports activities. The structure, according to Abby Rose, assistant manager of KidSpace and events coordinator at the Columbia Gym, builds self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment in children. “Everyone gets to play,” she noted.

The benefits of physical activity and learning about nutrition for children are many. Improved physical and emotional health, weight control and even better sleep are noted rewards of staying active. But one of the most important benefits for children is lifetime learning. Rose stated this simply as “What children learn now, they will take with them as adults.”

To learn more about the program in Columbia, contact Abby Rose at 410-531-8974.

— Written by Anita Baxter


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